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Cycle 3
Water has amazing properties. Thus, it “takes more space” (it expands) when it freezes, unlike almost all other liquids. This explains why water pipes sometimes burst in winter and that we should not put closed bottles filled with water in the freezer. This is what is called the “anomaly” of water.
Created on 28/08/2012 | Author Melanie Schultalbers
Cycle 3
Wind, sun, falling objects: The students are encouraged to design and carry out experiments that highlight different sources and forms of energy.
Created on 15/03/2007 | Author Travail collectif
Cycle 3
Know that the Moon revolves around the Earth.
Created on 01/01/2001 | Author Travail collectif
Cycle 1, Cycle 2
After having observed their shadows in the school yard, students record the changes in the height and shape of an object according to its position in relation to a source of light. This sequence aims at establishing connections to link an action to its consequences, and to use a model that serves as a pattern to study the parameters that can influence on natural phenomena.
Created on 01/01/1999 | Author Travail collectif
Cycle 1
During this sequence, students observe an anthill to study ants' food preferences.
Created on 01/01/1998 | Author Mr Chauvin