FAQ : Find a resource

The site de La main à la pâte offers a number of resources: scientific or educational documents, bibliographic items, training, classroom activities, multimedia animations ...

Several options are available to you:

  • General research : from a keyword or combination of keywords typed in our mini search bar "Search Site" at the top right of all our pages, we get a list of all present on documetns our site that meet this criterion.
  • Thematic projects: our page "View our resources" > "Thematic projects" provides a list of all the mini-sites that provide sequences of activities and scientfiques papers centered around a focused problem. These projects may extend over the entire year, or you can extract just one or two specific activities.
  • Faceted search : Our menu "View our resources" finally provides a faceted search for certain types of documents:

The specific forms allow searching by keywords only resources of the chosen type. After inserting the search criteria, the filters on the left column will update automatically, allowing you to restrict more and more precisely documents that may be of interest to you.