FAQ : Guides pédagogiques papier

Some projects of the Foundation's hands-on help to control, free teaching guides. The number of guides available varies greatly from project to project.

If you ordered a study guide, and you have not received, it may be for several reasons:

  • The guide is still available? We often receive more applications than we can meet, given the resources available for these projects. If our budgets are exhausted, thus making possible the free distribution of educational materials, you are always informed about the internal forum in the project (on the mini-site).
  • Are you good teacher or trainer? When we can not meet all requests (which is common), we must focus on priority targets of these instructional guides, namely teachers and trainers (primary school or college based projects).
  • Do you live abroad? We try wherever possible to send these guides including abroad, free of charge. However, in certain projects too tight budgets, these items are too expensive and require us to restrict ourselves to the national territory.

  • Your mailing address is correct it well? Mail often takes us study guides accompanied by a statement or "incorrect address" "does not live at the address." In these cases, we do not favor the new shipment and others who have taken care to verify their address ...
  • The last possible explanation is simply that we are late ... For economic reasons, we need to make bulk shipments (by "package" of 500, in general) and not individual. It was not until there is sufficient demand to trigger sending. Depending on the time of year and the success of the project, this period can vary from a few days to a few months.

Anyway, remember that all our study guides are always free access to the website dedicated to the project. These online versions allow you to work in the classroom waiting for your "paper" guide.

Finally, if you're really in a hurry and want a teaching guide "paper", please order the book: the name of the book, the publisher ... All this information is presented in the "teacher" of the project site area.