FAQ : Informations personnelles

The information in your user profile are not disclosed to third parties, whether public or private

If you need to update this information, log onto the website and click on the menu item "My Account" in the top right.
This will take you to a description of your account on our website, in particularly with

  • the "View" tab provides a summary of your name, alias, function and addresses, and a list of mini-project sites you joined and newsletters to which you subscribe
  • the "Edit" tab displays a pop-up like the registration form (described here) allows you to change all this information
  • the "Feedback" list all the messages you have posted on the site forums tab, and the comments you have written on scientific and educational resources of the site
  • the "My Content" list all the documents, resources, bibliographies, activities tab ... you are the author (s)
  • the "Notifications" tab to manage your subscriptions to various forums
  • tab "Order History" allows you to follow your commands teaching guides (through our projets thématiques)

Thus, it is the second "Edit" tab you need to use to modify your personal information. Remember at the end click on "Save" for the changes to take effect.